Where can I vote?

Where can I vote?

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Some of the people standing beside Judy.

Judy has a proven track record of bringing all parties to the table to achieve meaningful outcomes. I have been impressed with Judy’s ability to bring people to the table and forge unlikely partnerships.
She is a successful disability advocate and has been working with the city of Richfield for positive change. She will bring innovative solutions and a fresh perspective to the City Council and most importantly she will be a strong advocate for the residents of the Third Ward.
I encourage you to join me in supporting Judy Moe for Richfield City Council.
Maria Regan Gonzalez

Mayor of Richfield

Judy Moe, candidate for Richfield City Council Ward 3, is a proven, effective community leader. She will be a fierce advocate for all residents and will engage people to ensure everyone has a voice in our city’s future. Judy will champion housing affordability/accessibility, balancing the needs of homeowners and renters alike. Judy will advance an agenda of needed change for those who need a voice. She is a clear thinker, a good listener, and a tenacious problem solver. I encourage you to join me in supporting Judy Moe for Richfield City Council.
Edwina Garcia

Richfield City Council, Ward 2

The upcoming special election on February 12 to fill the Ward 3 vacancy on our City Council is too important for anyone to just check a box. With that in mind, I strongly endorse Judy Moe to replace Mayor Elect Maria Regan Gonzalez on the city council.

Judy’s view of the needs of Richfield citizens is not limited to a single constituency or group, but encompasses the entire community. That is the vision we need to embrace in continuing Richfield’s well-known — and deserved — reputation for being a diverse, cohesive Urban Hometown!

Pat Elliott

Former Mayor of Richfield

Judy Brings a unique perspective that is much needed on the City Council. I have been particularily impressed by her expertise on housing. Her expiriences uniquely qualify her to represent the residents of the Third Ward. She will make an excellent addition to the Richfield City Council. Linda Slocum

Minnesota State Rep.

As a Minnesota State Senator I have complete confidence knowing that Judy Moe, who has a proven track record of championing the rights of those who are voiceless, will bring an inclusive approach to local government. She is a natural collaborator who works with all. She lives the meaning of ALL means ALL.
State Senator John Hoffman

DFL Minority Whip

Moe knows well the benefits of union membership. When her family lived in Wisconsin, her father got a job as a union foundry worker…

Moe says maintaining affordable housing — for renters and for homeowners — and improving public transit are among her top concerns.

She’s brimming with practical, common sense solutions which she’s already been advancing with local city officials.

Minnesota Regional Labor Federation